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Special Mail Services

Registered Mail

All type of mail can send in registered mail to everywhere domestically and internationally. Sender shall complete their sender address, and the additional fee is applied, see price list. The registered bulk mails are not available in Canada and United Stated of America.

Special Express Delivery

This service is requested by sender to deliver the mail/article to address after arrival of mail at the post office. The special delivery is applied only the first attempt delivery only, in case the first delivery failed the special tag will be strike out from special service. The label “Express” is stick on the left of delivery address of mail. The Express deliver is valid only delivery zone defined by designated operators.

In case the mail or article is under custom control, the service will only send notification of delivery.

Proof of Delivery

For sender of register mail or parcel he/she can request the proof of delivery note during the delivery progress or after the mail delivered. The service has been included in price list of mail service. The mail has stick label or stamp “AR”.
The destination Post Office upon received the mail with “AR” they need to deliver to addressee in person or authorized person to signed acknowledge with date printed, then return the Proof of Deliver to sender post office.

In case of pending, the sender has not received any response, the making of second proof of delivery or making any inquiry form to destination post office with no addition fee.

Delivering direct to addressee (MP)

This service is applicable for Register Mail which the sender request to deliver to person of addressee. The Direct mail deliver in person will attempt in 2 delivery, and on the 3rd the authorized person is allowed to receive the mail on behalf.

Following the principle of Registered Mail, on the back of envelop the letter “R” has to be in red color or a sticker with instruction deliver to person. The Internationally, registered mail is applicable to only country which are notice bilateral agreement. The additional fee is applied and stamped with letter “MP” on the mail